The Flyboard is a PWC (powered water craft) accessory which allows you to use the propulsion of the jet ski to fly through the air and swim in and out of the water like a dolphin.

We are excited to be bringing one of the coolest water sports ever to Vancouver island. Right after seeing the original viral video on flyboarding we new that we wanted to be part of the growth of this super cool sport.."The great thing about this sport is that you can be up and flying within 5 minutes" says Darwin. The simple physics of water shooting out the bottom of your feet is an undescribable feeling, that you simply must try. This is still a very new thing to most people so we hope to get out on lots of demos this season.


It is our mission to promote this thrilling and exciting water sport to the public. We believe this sport is revolutionary and will create a whole new world of innovation and is an extreme way to surf the air. Now everyone can experience what was once only a dream. The Flyboard has taken sports to a whole new level… the exhiliration of human flight. We couldn’t be more excited. We believe and love this new sport. When we first strapped on the Flyboard and found our balance point we were able to fly around the lake like real iron men. We at Island Flyboard are dedicated to giving our customers the most prompt, courteous and friendly service. We can train you on how to use the Flyboard safely as we have the only factory certified trainer currently in Canada and US. We are here to serve you through sales and rentals. I’d like to invite you to join us as we explore this adrenaline inducing new sport together.

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